We work with UK companies selling products and services to consumers, business, and the public sector.

We do in the US almost everything a UK company does for itself in the UK: company formation, appointment of accountant and attorney, opening of electronic business bank account, address, telephone, office services including bookkeeping, payroll, secretarial and administration, product fulfillment.

The client testimonials in this website are verbatim and unsolicited.

Why did you go into business?

“I have met many entrepreneurs and I like to ask why they went into business. They use words like faster, better, cheaper, efficient… Nobody has ever told me they went into business to stand in line at the Post Office or bank. Or answer the phone or wait in for that parcel. Those are just some of the things we take care of for our clients.”

– Roger Frampton, co-founder of ExportAction                      

Contact ExportAction

Contact ExportAction by email. We will send you a link to our US Business Thesaurus without charge or obligation and offer a conference call (or Teams or Zoom) at a time convenient for you.