Controllers for competitive and disabled gamers

In 2018, Aaron Cendan formed the company Stickless in Florida, and started building custom controllers for competitive and disabled gamers. Now he’s got more orders than he can fill, making 85 custom controllers last year alone. This is on top of his graduate work at FIEA, where he is in the production track with a focus on audio.

The design process starts when Cendan gets clients to send a diagram of where their fingers touch the faceplate. Then he drills the button holes using that design and builds the rest of the controller using wood, circuit boards and a polycarbonate faceplate. A contract artist creates custom artwork based on the client’s wishes. Each controller takes between eight and twelve hours to make.

FIEA is a graduate video game design school at the University of Central Florida offering an accredited master’s degree in interactive entertainment. Areas of study include game design, development, art, programming and production.