Florida consumers are feeling good

According to the University of Florida UF Survey Research Center’s latest Consumer Sentiment report, Florida consumers are feeling as good as they have felt in at least 13 months.

The index increased 2.8 points in February to 100.9, up from a revised figure of 98.1 in January, the report shows. It’s the first score over 100 since it was 100.6 last July and the highest since it was 101.3 in January 2018, the report adds.

A big boost in consumer sentiment stems from a positive economic outlook on the entire nation. On that front, expectations of US economic conditions over the next year rose 7.9 points, from 93.5 in January 2019 to 101.4. Expectations of US economic conditions over the next five years increased 6.7 points, from 94 to 100.7, according to the report.