Another flight simulator center for Florida

A flight training center already operating in Florida plans to lease 83,000 square feet and add ten flight simulators at a total cost of more than $104 million in an operation that would add 73 jobs in the state.

Multiple flight training centers in Florida bring thousands of pilots, mechanics and engineers to the area every month, airline officials say, with a local economic impact of millions of dollars.

In 2000, Boeing built a new campus building in Florida with 17 full-flight simulators. When the company in 2013 opted to consolidate its North American simulator operations, then split between Washington State and Florida, Campus Manager Marty Schaaf said in 2017, “Our customers like Miami,” Mr. Schaaf said. “It’s convenient to get anywhere in the world from MIA, especially for our Latin and South American customers.”

In addition to pilots, Boeing trains mechanics and engineers on composite repair and the maintenance of new models. Boeing had anticipated the Florida training center would serve 3,500 to 5,000 customers annually, but it was bringing in 10,000 to 12,000 a year, accounting for upwards of 80,000 hotel room-nights each year.

Airbus, a multinational manufacturer of civil aircraft headquartered in Toulouse, France, opened its only US training center in Florida to serve customers from all over the Americas.

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