Job market not all it might seem

Google’s tool for searching job listings may have been beneficial for employers and job boards looking for candidates, but several rival job-finding services contend anti-competitive behavior has fueled its rise and cost them users and profits.

According to Jumpshot, a research firm which receives browsing data from antivirus apps, Google’s widget drew 120 million user clicks in June 2019 in the United States alone, about double from August 2017.

Similar to Indeed and other search services, Google’s tool links to postings aggregated from many employers. It lets candidates filter, save and get alerts about openings, though they must go elsewhere to apply. Google’s places a large widget for the two-year-old tool at the top of results for searches such as “call center jobs” in most of the world.

Some rivals allege that positioning is illegal because Google is using its dominance to attract users to its specialized search offering without the traditional marketing investments they have to make.

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