Address & Mail

Unless otherwise requested, all incoming mail is classified in one of five ways:

#1: Private and/or Confidential

Prior to opening, you will be contacted and asked for instructions about any item marked Private and/or Confidential.

#2: Payments and Orders

Incoming checks will, if ExportAction opened a bank account for you, be scanned and a copy emailed to you on the day of deposit.

#3: Interesting and/or Urgent

This includes correspondence relating to orders, payment notifications, legal matters, taxation, banking, etc. These and similar correspondence will be scanned and emailed on the day of arrival.

#4: Interesting, but not urgent

This could be marketing-related – services, trade shows, conference etc. This category of material will be mailed in bulk at cost of postage once a week.

#5: Junk Mail

At ExportAction’s discretion, unsolicited mail will be recycled. Why should you pay the trans-Atlantic forwarding costs of promotional material for pizzas, double glazing, car wash…, etc?