Marketing & Americanization

At ExportAction we are so anxious for our clients to succeed, we will look at and comment upon the text of marketing materials – through American eyes. This is more than taking the “u” out of color or changing an “s” to a “z” (pronounced “zee”). We do this at no charge.

American consumers, companies and the public sector have a highly developed sense of the patriotic and have a distinct “buy American” prejudice.

True, there are quintessentially British brand qualities which have done well in the US. Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Lotus, Mini, etc.  (Bentley is a part of Volkswagen. Jaguar is owned by Tata of India – as is Land Rover. A Chinese company owns 51 percent of Lotus. Mini is part of BMW – as is Rolls Royce.)

Twinings tea does well in the US. Cadbury is a recognized brand. Burberry, and Barbour both do well. If you know where to shop, Americans can (and do) buy Branston pickle, Pimms, Marmite, Gordon’s Gin, Bisto… and, of course, “Scotch” whisky (or whiskey).

Our recommendation is you do not price in GBP… or provide measurements in metric… or have your website say “ships from the UK” – unless those “differences” provide a beneficial and measurable marketing differentiation.

Never mislead about the origin of your product, but we do recommend you observe American preferences.

Have your marketing materials for America checked by an American. It is more than using a Z (pronounced zee) to replace an S. It is more than taking the U out of colour.

Do have a US address and US telephone number (answered in a US time zone).

Maybe most important of all! Do have a website (or landing page at worst) hosted in the US. Search results differ depending upon where they are made. The web is geographically biased. The World Wide Web is not worldwide!