Articles of Organization

The Articles of Organization of an LLC are the charter to establish the existence of a Limited Liability Company in your chosen state, and document specific basic information about the new company. When ExportAction incorporates a company, there is no charge for the Articles of Organization.

States may require that you file with offices such as the State Corporation Commission, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, or the Division of Corporations & Commercial Code), the Articles of Organization describe the identifying and operating characteristics of the LLC and once filed and approved by the state, the Articles of Organization legally create the LLC as a registered business entity within the state.

Most states require an LLC’s Articles of Organization include, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. The LLC’s name and US address (principal place of business) and US telephone number and the nature of the LLC’s business.

  2. The name and address of the LLC’s Registered Agent, who will be duly authorized to accept delivery of certain legal documents on behalf of the LLC. If you have a US company, you are required to have a Registered Agent. (See Registered Agent).

  3. The name(s) of Manager, Member(s) and Officer(s) of the LLC. (See Manager, Member(s), and Officer(s).