5G coming to Florida

Wireless speeds with 5G connectivity up to 100 times faster than existing service is coming — and potentially soon — to Orlando and other cities, potentially unlocking new jobs, autonomous vehicles and other innovations. To upgrade from the current 4G network, carriers including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will install hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment across the country.

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Financial crime-spotting algorithm used in new business opportunities

HSBC has converted a financial crime-spotting algorithm it was forced to build in the wake of a money-laundering scandal into one that can scope out new business opportunities.

The system combines data on clients’ banking activities, with public data on company ownership and directorships, to flag desirable potential clients to HSBC staff and offer ways to connect to them through existing relationships.

The drive is seen by some as part of the bank’s efforts to defend its global presence at a time when some analysts and investors are saying it should shrink or exit markets like the United States where it makes returns below its cost of capital.

HSBC was forced to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in financial crime compliance as part of a $1.9 billion settlement in 2012 with U.S. authorities over the bank’s failure to prevent money laundering by drug cartels.


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AI concern in education

From the Brookings Institute: Artificial intelligence has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, from driverless cars to Siri, and soon, education will be no different. The automation of a school or university’s administrative tasks and customization of student curricula is not only possible, but imminent. The goal is for our computers to make humanlike judgments and perform tasks to make educators’ lives easier, but if we’re not careful, these machines will replicate our racism, too.


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Anticompetitive behavior by Google?

Authorities are investigating Google for anticompetitive behavior have recently begun probing the company’s $116 billion-a-year advertising business.

Attorneys general for 50 U.S. states and territories along with the U.S. Department of Justice are reported to be to be acting on accusations from rivals, lawmakers and consumer advocacy groups that the biggest seller of online advertising engages in unfair tactics.  Continue reading

Teachers have voted to strike against the third-largest U.S. public school district.

Chicago teachers have voted to authorize their union to launch a strike against the third-largest U.S. public school district.

A tally of ballots showed that 94 percent of about 25,000 dues-paying members of the Chicago Teachers Union supported giving their leaders the discretion to call a strike.

A walkout would disrupt classes for about 360,000 Chicago students in kindergarten through high school, following a wave of teacher strikes across the country over wages and education funding over the past two years, including a week-long strike in Los Angeles in January. 




Sporting rifles production suspended

Colt has said it will suspend the production of sporting rifles for consumers. Those include the AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle that has been used in several recent US mass shootings.

Colt says it remains committed to the right to bear arms, but that the US market is already saturated with similar weapons. It will focus instead on fulfilling contracts for customers in the military and police.