American Civil War

The American Civil War was fought, essentially to abolish slavery, between 1861 and 1865 when the United States and eleven southern states left the union and formed the Confederate States of America. The war was during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln (the 16th president of the US) Lincoln was the candidate of the explicitly antislavery Republican Party. Soon after his election as the president of the nation, seven Southern states organized as the Confederate States of America. More than three million Union and Confederate soldiers fought during the Civil War.

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July 4th?

July 2nd was the day that Congress voted to free the US from British rule. July 4th is when John Hancock wrote the first signature on the Declaration of Independence in order to spread the word of the vote. Fifty-six men (including two were from England, one from Wales, two from Scotland, two from Ireland, and one from Northern Ireland) signed the document that announced intended independence.

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Liberty Bell made in UK!

The Liberty Bell was last rung on George Washington’s Birthday in 1846. It received its famous crack a few hours later. The bell was made in the same factory as Big Ben in London at The Whitechapel Bell Foundry. You can see the word “Pennsylvania” is misspelled as “Pensylvania” on the bell. The bell was first rung on July 8, 1776 for the first public reading of The Declaration of Independence. It is said to have cost $225.50.

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