Clients of ExportAction

Clients of ExportAction

ExportAction does not publish lists of clients – too many unscrupulous executives use such information as sales prospect lists and waste your time by bombarding you with untimely, mostly unwanted, email and telephone calls.

When you have questions, we almost certainly have answers – and we won’t charge you for them! When you are ready, we will be too – and you can choose as many ExportAction services as you want, or as few as you need!

ExportAction clients sell to US consumers – many through e-commerce – Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, TikTok, Wayfair, Wish, etc. Others sell through major “brick and mortar” companies such as Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Kohls, Target, Walmart…. Some sell business-to-business (direct, through third parties, and e-commerce). Others sell in the public sector (in which we include education and healthcare).

We regard most former client companies as being like children who grow up and leave home. Since 2007 we have seen most of our clients grow – and thankfully only a handful fail. There are more success stories than failures. One client sold their business to a US mega-corp for a reported $130 million. Another (a two man software company) sold to a US company for a reported $24 million. A third client company sold to a US conglomerate for  a reported $21 million. For all three, that was their business plan – build and sell.

Our first client in 2007 is still with us. They manufacture high-tech communications equipment in the UK and export it to China! (As well as to the US, of course.)


We ship products to the public sector for the physically challenged.
We ship wheels for high performance vehicles to the automotive market.
We ship bicycle storage products to the consumer market.
We assisted a golf product manufacturer at the 2024 PGA Trade Show.
We ship beautiful tee-shirts for nursing mothers to discretely feed their babies in public.
We ship “line of sight” camera systems and accessories to consumers.
We ship bedside clock radio alarms with integral lighting to consumers and major retail outlets.
We handle luxury bed-linen products returned from “high-end” retail stores.