Company Member(s)

An LLC’s owners are called Members. This is directly comparable with a UK company’s shareholders. A Member, or Members, can be a company as well as an individual or individuals.

Most usually, if a UK company has multiple shareholders, the “Member” will be the UK parent company and use the same financial year-end, which makes consolidation of accounts simpler and presents an overall picture of a group (sometimes useful if a trade sale of the company is envisaged). We need to know if any individual Member of the new US company owns 25 percent, or more, of the UK company along with their name and address.

To incorporate you will need the name(s) of all the Member(s) and their address(es). We will also need to know the ratio of shares owned by each Member. Please note this is expressed as a percentage and not as a number of shares. Also note, in the US this is simple and inexpensive to change should you so choose at some future date.