ExportAction was founded in 2007 by two UK citizens (and tax payers) with decades of experience of doing business in the US and working for US corporations.

ExportAction never charges for information or conversation. If you have a question, we probably have an answer – or know someone who does.

The first advice ExportAction offers to every UK company considering doing business in the US is… get a US company with a US address and a US telephone number. You should sell more. You should be as tax-efficient as possible. You should protect your personal and company assets in the UK from US litigation.

This advice is based upon years of experience of UK exporters of products and services – some of which have succeeded and some of which have not. It is sometimes possible to learn more from failure than success.

American consumers, companies, and government services demonstrate a clear, sometimes mandatory, preference for “Buying American.”

The second piece of advice ExportAction offers is to plan! Every “super-successful” UK client with which we have worked in the US has used a plan. Cast your mind forward and apply the lessons learned (success as well as failure) to documenting a plan. Monitor and measure progress (or the lack of it) on a regular basis and act accordingly. A plan might take a day or two to draft, but in due course, it could save a year.