Fees – “Cut to the Chase”

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the meaning of “cut to the chase”, as an informal expression that means to talk about or deal with the important parts of a subject and not waste time with things that are not important. A US company with a US address and US telephone number should help a UK company sell more, be as tax efficient as possible, and put UK personal and company assets at “arm’s length from US litigation. The table below cuts to the chase the costs of establishing a US company.
Summary of Office Service Costs in US$One TimePer Month
Company Incorporation with full documentation739
Registered Agent110
Electronic Business Bank Account650
Deposit to activate bank account100
Address registration and mail forwarding199180
Telephone set-up and FAQ answering199180
Fax forwarding by email00
If $1.00 = £0.79£1,562£282
It typically takes ten business days to arrange all the above.
“Thank you so much for your professionalism in getting our US office and warehouse space set-up so quickly. Now we can move forward with confidence in the knowledge you guys are there to help.” – Jamie M.
Please note – especially if comparing fees with other service providers: All ExportAction clients are charged at the same rate. We call it “transparent pricing.” From time to time, we host breakfast and lunch meetings for clients in the UK to share knowledge and experience. You will never meet anyone who has a better deal than you! All ExportAction Agreements are month-by-month so there are no lengthy, expensive “lock-ins.” Fees: Incorporation of Limited Liability Company – one time fee of $729.00. Includes:
  • Articles of Organization – no charge.
  • Certificate of Incorporation – no charge.
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System – no charge.
  • Employer Identification Number – no charge.
  • Inter-Company Transfer Pricing Agreement draft – no charge.
  • Operating Agreement – no charge.
  • Temporary Manager of Company (if necessary) – no charge. 

“I have just spoken with (Client Relations Executive) regarding a kit from an Amazon order that was returned with a money order for payment. Many thanks to you all for your help as always.” – Alison L.