Golden Rules

Before we founded ExportAction we “white-boarded” a list of all the things we liked at companies we had worked with… and all the things we never wanted to do again! Our list evolved to be the “Golden Rules” to which all our Team Members subscribe:

#1: The first responsibility of every team member is to support their colleagues and never to say “It is not my job.” If you need help ask a colleague. If you are asked for help, never say “It is not my job.”

#2: Always “own up” and never “cover up.” When we make a mistake we will admit to it and offer a solution. We forgive mistakes, but not lies.

#3: We will neither lie to you, nor for you. Untruth is the only thing we cannot handle.

#4: We hold that doing things right is better than doing them fast. Putting things right almost always takes longer and costs more than doing things right in the first place.

#5: Never be indispensable. If you are the only one who knows how to perform a task… teach at least one colleague how to do it.

#6: We will not accept commissions or other incentives from third party suppliers (for example printers, trade show organizers ..) providing goods or services to our clients. If we spend money for our clients we will behave as though we were spending our own.

#7: We will not hold check (cheque) books, nor credit or debit cards for clients. Nor will we make transfers, withdrawals, or payments from clients’ bank accounts.

#8: If you are going to be late arriving for work, call in. We all meet bad traffic. We all care about your health and safety.

#9: Always keep in mind: “please” and “thank you” cost you nothing, but buy you a lot.

#10: Be happy. If you are not happy, talk to someone (in confidence) about it. If you are thinking of leaving for another job, talk to your Manager. We do our best to make it possible to change jobs without changing company.