Know Your Likely Expenses From the Start

At ExportAction we believe turnover is vanity and profit is sanity. We will do everything we are able to make your investment in the US a profitable venture.

We have a simple spreadsheet which shows your likely start-up and annual running costs to which you can add projected sales. We call it an “Economic Viability Check.” Contact us for a free copy without obligation.

Business Set Up Options

From business incorporation to help desk, you’ll find all the services that we offer to start your business. You pick and choose what you need, and we will provide a quote.

While the list below is specific to your organizational setup, we also offer a complete line of fulfillment, marketing, and coordination services, which are quoted on demand.

Company Incorporation

Incorporation including Articles of Association filed with Department of State, available company name search, Certificate from Department of State, dates for tax filings, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) instructions, Employer Identification Number (Form SS-4), Operating Agreement.

Registered Agent

If you have a US company, you must have a Registered Agent. A company cannot be its own Registered Agent.

Assistance with US bank account, payroll as well as statutory and financial processes.
Electronic business bank account
​Must be opened by a US resident with a Social Security Number (SSN).
Bank deposit / Banking
Deposit required to activate bank account and subsequent depositing of checks (cheques) at local branch with scan of incoming payments emailed to you.
Address for mail with mail processing and unscheduled visitors welcomed, hosted, and, in your absence, treated to informed conversation.
Telephone / FAX
US telephone and/or FAX number professionally answered using your company name in a US time-zone.
Meeting room(s)
Four hours meeting room time per month.​ Hours can be “rolled-over.”
Appointment and briefing of Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 
Appointment and briefing of firm of business attorneys-at-law experienced in assisting UK companies in the US.
Inter-company transfer pricing agreement template
Facilitates efficient tax-planning for UK and US companies.
To be used for final month’s fee in the event of cancellation. Note all ExportAction office agreements are month-by-month and do not lock you in to a twelve month contract.

Other Questions You May Have

Continue reading about the concerns most often heard from our clients considering the US market,with the understanding that we are not a consultancy and do not charge for information or conversation.

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