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Opening a business in the US is not always straightforward. The first time we opened a US office (working in 1992 for a UK software company) we didn’t have a clear path to follow and getting things set-up was more costly than it should have been, and took a long time. The second time was only a little easier and ​less expensive.

​After we had opened the US subsidiaries of 20 UK companies, we knew what to do and how to do it efficiently and economically – and had we built the processes and gained the experience to avoid expensive missteps.

How do we Make It Easy For You?

We have worked hard to make this easy. Just four straightforward steps.

1. You tell us what you want and we will send you a no obligation quote at no charge. 

2. When you are happy and ready, you complete two simple forms and send them to us. Our Agreement is short, has no small type, and is on a month-by-month basis so you are not locked into anything punitive.

3. We will invoice you. When we receive your payment, your business will be up and running in ten business days or less. Because we make statutory and non-refundable payments on your behalf, we must receive your initial payment before we can start work on getting you set-up.

4. We send you all the details and documentation you need so you are ready to add your US contact information to your web site and start selling in the US.

Other Questions You May Have

Continue reading about the concerns most often heard from our clients considering the US market,with the understanding that we are not a consultancy and do not charge for information or conversation.

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