US Company

It is legal to sell in the US without a US company, but it is not recommended and may subject you to the dreaded “W8 Withholding Tax.”

Americans like to buy from US companies so you should sell more. You should be more tax efficient with a US company (ask us why). With a US company you put your UK personal and company assets at “arm’s length” from US litigation.

If you export products, experience shows using your US company as the “Importer of Record” minimises Customs delays at the port of entry.

If you have a US company you must have a Registered Agent (similar to Registered Office in the UK). We make a one time $105 charge (say £83) for acting as Registered Agent for as long as you are a client – beware companies which charge an exorbitant annual fee.

ExportAction will incorporate a US company with complete accompanying documentation for $729 (say £578) – usually within ten business days.

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