US Sales & Marketing

Good sales almost invariably follow good marketing and that starts with research and a business plan. Check your local UK Department for International Trade office for advice.

A US web site hosted in the US (the world wide web is not worldwide) is recommended. Use social media to stimulate visits to your web site. ExportAction does not develop web sites, but we enjoy a close relationship with a company which does – and has worked successfully with a number of our UK clients.

Exhibitions (trade shows), media relations, direct mail… may all have their part to play.

Americans like to buy from American companies. Promote your US presence, address, telephone number… (including business cards) to give Americans the confidence to buy from your US company.

Prepare US Ts&Cs before you need them. If you have products, make sure you protect your intellectual property and meet de facto as well as de jure standards before you start to sell.

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