Water-Cooler Management

Regarding US-based staff working for UK management… be sure to talk with them at least once a week, but don’t have a regular day or time for the call. Sometimes call at, say, 09.00 EST and (by default) check they are at work, or at, say, 17.00 EST to see if they are going home early.

Also call to ask their opinion or advice. If you are changing the color of a product from red to blue… ask their opinion (even if your mind is already made up). Ask about last night’s sporting event. Inquire about the commute to work… but try not to “micro-manage” staff. Make them feel involved and part of a team. Some clients have staff working in ExportAction’s premises and we practice what we term “water cooler management.” If we spot something you should know, we might discretely share information, but we always keep in mind that your staff are your staff.