Why is ExportAction in Florida?

Using data from the Center for Regional Competitiveness (a management organization that oversees the Council for Community and Economic Research), the cost of living in various places each of the 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) is compared. The data tracks regional differences in the cost of:

  • consumer goods and services
  • housing
  • groceries
  • transportation
  • utilities
  • insurance costs
  • health care

Given a national average cost of living index of 100, the following popular state (and District) scores were:

  • California – 142
  • Florida – 106
  • Massachusetts – 126
  • New York – 133
  • Washington, DC – 147

which lead us to believe the cost of living in Florida is relatively low and we know the quality of life is relatively high.

Never forget how big the US is. It is roughly the same distance from London, UK to Boston, Massachusetts as is is from Boston to San Diego, California. The state of Florida is bigger than England.

Important to us, in Florida we have direct flights to/from the UK from Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

OK. We never forget Florida can have its share of bad weather, but is it as bad as shown on television? In 17 years of operating a business in Florida, we have lost just two- and one-half business days due to bad weather. During Hurricane Idalia (September 2023) we opened and operated our offices and warehouses every business day. It is not coincidence that our premises are above the local “flood plain.”

California? Living in California is so expensive, salaries have gone (in our view) crazy. The median house price in San Francisco is $1.3 million compared with $208,132 in Tampa, Florida. Commuting in Silicon Valley has reached the point where some high-tech companies provide luxury buses with onboard Wi-Fi to get their staff to work.

New York? Is your UK office in the City of London? If not, why do you feel a need to be in Manhattan, where costs are high, and staff are notoriously difficult to recruit and retain? The median house price for a home in New York (State not City which is even worse!) is $655,109 compared with $208,132 in Tampa, Florida. It makes us sad when companies insist they want to be based in Manhattan, New York and when we ask where they are in the UK they reply Stoke-on-Trent, or Salford, or Salisbury, Swansea, Sheffield…. Stratford-upon-Avon, but rarely the City of London’s “square mile.”

Small Business in Florida

Florida? There are 2.2 million small businesses in Florida (that’s almost half the number in the UK).

Third Most Populous State

Florida is the third most populous state – 21 million (not including visitors). It is in the closest US time-zone to the UK. There is no state personal income tax (keeps down wages). Florida has a large, well-educated labor pool (university graduates tend to stay to enjoy the quality of life). The state has excellent communications – both electronic and flights to/from UK

Access from Florida

Florida is the best US gateway to Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Choice of Place to Live

 The Harris Poll surveyed 2,232 US adults asking where – excluding their current state – they would most like to live. The number one preference expressed was Florida. The same poll asked where they would least like to live and California, New York, Alaska, Mississippi, and Texas were the top (or is it bottom?) of states named.

We have never, ever heard of a US buyer being prejudiced against a company because of it being in Florida.